Stan Norman and Gerri Harvill co-lead the follow community.  Stan has retired  from the Coast Guard and the State of Washington. Gerri is a retired dental heath care professional and and both have retired from the United Methodist Church. The couple are married, but not to each other.

follow is a community of Christians intent on living as Jesus lived.

Geographically, follow resides in Sandpoint, Idaho.  This community  comes together wherever people meet and forms a space where relationships are built, faith is strengthened and prayer life is enriched.

There is no physical builiding associated with our gatherings.  They happen in homes, coffee shops, resturants, on the trail or at the beach.

We believe that personal wholeness is a spiritual issue, resulting in personal holiness.

By praying and learning together we form a culture of Jesus followers that integrates our faith practices with our daily life, learning, politics and work.

Scripture, prayer, music, art and literature all point us toward a deeper relationship with God.

Our practices are intentional though not institutional. Our learning is for the purpose of transformation; information is just how we get there.



5 thoughts on “About

    1. We are not aware of any specific faith communities outside the institutional church in the Olympia area. But, given the eclectic culture in Olympia, we would not be surprised to find one or more.


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