Take Time ~ For Silence

There is much conversation these days around the topic of “gratitude”. It is an attempt to turn us from the negativity that we can get stuck in, given all of the unpleasant and downright horrifying news that we see each day. We want to band-aid that “bad news” with positive thoughts. We replace the negativity with thoughts of what we have to be “grateful” for. We may even begin a “gratitude” journal and record daily what we are grateful for in order to stem the negativity, anxiety and depression that we may be experiencing.

gerris new pic
Gerri Harvill

In day-to-day conversation we may share  our “gratitude list” and turn morbid conversation to something more positive.

These are all good practices…but do they go far enough?  “How is it with your soul?” is a  deeper question. It goes beyond thinking and sharing positive thoughts, although that is a good beginning.

Time alone, in silence, renews and repairs the soul.  Time, however brief, spent in silence allows us to hear deeply, the voice of our Creator God.

During this week of Thanksgiving, take a few minutes each day to experience some silence. No radio, no TV, no background chatter.

Perhaps  you will step outdoors, into the fresh air, and just breathe.  Maybe you will sit comfortably indoors in front of a window. Perhaps your pet is resting quietly on your lap. Enjoy the moment.  Try to think of nothing.  Gently breathe. You CAN do it!

After a few minutes notice how light in body and refreshed in spirit you feel. Your soul says “Thank you!”

And that is gratitude!